Staying Fit, Trim, Happy & Healthy During Transition

Diet & Weight Loss During Transition.

Transgender diet & weight loss| Estrogen boosters| Testosterone blockers| feminizing| MTF| MTF Pills

Why are we gaining weight and how can we continue gaining curves but not fat during our transition.

Staying Fit & Trim During Transition.

Transgender weight loss| Estrogen boosters| Testosterone blockers| feminizing| MTF Diet| MTF Pills

Let's discuss the importance of finding healthy activities to keep us in great shape during this special time in our lives!

Supplements with help with Weight Loss During Transition.

Transgender diet| Estrogen boosters| Testosterone blockers| feminizing Pills| MTF Diet| MTF Pills

How can supplements help with our health and body style goals during transition.

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Diet Weight Loss and my personal experience with our local gym.

Why the hell am I gaining weight so quickly?!

Transgender diet & weight loss| Estrogen boosters| Testosterone blockers| feminizing| MTF| MTF Pills

We are opening a new chapter in our lives!

Today is a brand new day. We are beginning a  new chapter in our lives. It is time to start making positive habits about our diet & health choices. Every day remember that you are beginning anew!  

We want curves, not rolls!

It is important to remember that as our body begins to transition we are looking for those beautiful curves that we have always wanted. Make sure to hit the gym, watch our diets and make positive choices before our new curves become problematic! Trimming and sculpting!

More Estrogen makes it tough.

The more estrogen our bodies have the more hunger many of us experience - some report that it's like being pregnant! Remember we are not eating for two! Stop eating like a man and start eating 'like a girl'!

Less Testsosterone makes it tougher!

As our body begins to adjust to less testosterone and more estrogen, muscle becomes smaller, tighter and more compact, making fatty areas more pronounced. Trimming and sculpting!

Soft drinks were my Achilles heal.

Stay clear of soft drinks at all cost!

Supplements for Transgender Diet & Transgender Weight Loss

Transgender diet & weight loss| Estrogen boosters| Testosterone blockers| feminizing| MTF| MTF Pills

My Favorite and "go to" diet and weight loss system.

When I feel like I need a little extra help in keeping fit & trim I turn to "Transformations Labs Diet & Weight loss 2 part system". This company has changed my life in so many ways and their weight loss kit is just another perfect example of real quality in the supplement world. This is the only 2 part diet & weight loss system in the world and works quick and comfortably!

 I get the fat burning power I need & the energy boost I require to get through the day with "AM Slim". And, at night when I don't want to feel jittery or energized, I take "PM Slim" to help me sleep and continue to burn those unwanted pounds with thermogenics and fat burners & metabolizers while I recharge my batteries!

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The only jitter-free diet & weight loss pill I have ever tried that really works!

Lipoxydrene - by Jungledog Labs is another of my favorite "little secrets"! It helps me keep the weight off, suppress my appetite, keep me comfortable and jitter-free as I go about my daily activities and is incredibly affordable!

This little miracle helps while I am maintaining the weight I am comfortable at. It is just packed with wonderful stuff and I recommend to everyone that hates the jittery feeling of typical diet & weight loss pills to give it a try!

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MTF Diet| Transgender Weight Loss| Transgender Pills| Estrogen Booster| Testosterone Blocker| MTF

A Close Second to Transformations Labs Diet & Weight Loss System is Hydroxycut Black.

Hydroxycut Black comes in a close second to "The Transgender Diet & Weight Loss System" from Transformations Labs. It's not as versatile as the 2 part kit and I can absolutely NEVER take these after 2:00 in the afternoon or I would never get to sleep. So, although effective, not really practical (for me).

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