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My Story

How to Booster Estrogen| Where to find Testosterone Blockers| Best Transgender Hormone Pills| MTF

As a transgendered person, I have finally found what has been missing in my life. Born to the wrong gender my struggle to find the supplement

 or prescription support that I have desperately needed has brought me here. I am now at peace and have a true understanding

 of who I am & where I belong. This is my story of hormone manipulation and how it has changed my life!

I seem to have tried them all!

The Best Transgender Supplements I have found| How to boost Estrogen Naturally| Best MTF Pills

When the time had finally come and I decided to begin 

HRT (hormone replacement therapy) the prescription and doctor

 prescribed route was frustrating and expensive!

  • I wanted to release MY OWN hormones! Not supplement with chemical imitations.
  • My health insurance did not cover visits and treatment.
  • The doctors I could manage to see were unprofessional, creepy & condescending.
  • The testing and retesting were incredibly hard on me physically and mentally.
  • The dingy labs were so far away from home.

HRT alternative| How I found The Best Transgender supplements & pills| Where to buy Transgender pill

  • I hate needles!
  • The never-ending paperwork was so tedious & frustrating.
  • My journey felt so exposed and public (I value my privacy above all else).
  • I was seeking a more natural approach to transition.
  • The dangerous prescription drugs made me feel uncomfortable.
  • I needed something more natural and affordable.
  • The roller coaster of emotions became dangerous.
  • FAT!! I gained so much weight with prescriptions drugs!

Thanks to Transformations Labs all my worries were put to rest and my real journey had finally begun! My life now is so much less complicated and comfortable and I really feel like I am beginning to find my way!

 Life is for living and after years of struggle I have finally arrived!!

I found Transformations Labs Supplements & my life changed!!

How to Block Testosterone Naturally| Where to buy transgender Testosterone Blockers| The Best Ever

Transformations Labs - Testosterone Blocker.

Testosterone Blocking has been responsible for:

  • My aggressiveness is much more subdued.
  • My body hair has thinned and in many areas disappeared all together.
  • My muscular structure is smaller, tighter and more complementary to my feminine form.
  • Fat has become redistributed to my fuller hips and bottom.
  • My facial features are much less masculine.
  • My sex drive has changed to a more passive style. 

Another positive is that this product slows and even stops male pattern baldness (but I never had that issue).

Find it here!
How to Boost Estrogen Naturally| Where to Buy Estrogen Boosters| The benefits of higher Estrogen

Transformations Labs - Estrogen Booster

 Estrogen is the hormone uniquely responsible for:

  • My curvier body.
  • My breast literally getting bigger daily!
  • My voice is "squeakier" and has found a more pleasing & feminine octave.
  • My hips & bottom are fuller and more complementary.
  • Softer, smoother skin.
  • My emotions are much more manageable, softer, caring and passion-filled.
  • My sex -drive has decreased and is of a much more submissive nature.

Find it here!
This helps with Estrogen Boosting & testosterone Blocking for Transgender| How transition faster

Transformations Labs - Dangerous Curves Synergist.

I (foolishly) only started using this amazing little capsule about 5-6 months after beginning the estrogen booster & testosterone blocker. These are nothing short of amazing! They somehow slow the metabolism of the others and make them more effective by allowing them to stay in my system longer. AND, Dangerous Curves has an extra powerful estrogen booster and Testosterone blocker included in them.

Take if from me, don't buy one without the other!

 It's worth the extra few dollars!

Find it here!

These were other products I really liked during my search

Ineffective Transgender pills| Where to find the best Transgender Alternatives to prescription| MTF

L.D.B. & LDB Lamoonni

These were somewhat effective and I saw some results! 

However -

  • They took forever to arrive from Asia so it was difficult to stay on schedule! 
  • They were very pricey.
  • I did not feel comfortable with an out-of-country business and their quality control practices. 
  • Sometimes one batch seemed to be more effective than others.
  • They were only decent, not great.

Find it here!
Great alternative to Transformations Labs Testosterone Blocker| Where to buy Testosterone Blockers

Jungledog Labs - Testo-RID.

I really enjoyed this company & used their products for a very 

long time, found them extremely effective & the price was right!

  • Very fast working.
  • I loved the outcome.
  • Enjoyed a lower price when purchasing together with Estro-Surge as a twin pack.
  • It seems they were manufactured in a lab with a main focus on hormone manipulation for strength and endurance athletes...
  • I prefer to shop with a company that specializes in transgender supplements & the MTF population (which is why I prefer Transformations Labs).

Find it here!
Excellent alternative to Transformations Labs Estrogen Booster| Where to buy Estrogen Boosters| MTF

Jungledog Labs - Estro-Surge

  • Loved the fast outcome
  • Loved the price
  • Enjoyed a lower price when purchasing together with the Testo-RID as a twin pack.
  • Great customer service
  • Very effective and fast working.
  • I was not happy with the fact that it came from a "gym supplement" company. I prefer to shop a company that works primarily with the population it serves. (Just my feelings).

Find it here!

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