The story of my all natural Transgender Transition.

My Story:

 So, after many months and years of careful deliberation, the day finally came when I decided to begin my transition. I took the conventional route, since I knew of no other. Doctors, testing, money, bills, more testing, more doctors, MORE MONEY, constant blood work, paperwork, MORE BILLS and I felt like my privacy was completely gone! It was like an avalanche of depression and road blocks!

 When I finally got the approval to begin my hormone treatments, I absolutely hated it! Yes, HATED it! Besides all that I listed, I feel like I was thrust into a world of hormone, lab testing, discomfort and chemical transformation. I didn't want to be a petri dish but that's what I ended up feeling like! I felt like a chemically induced lab experiment and stopped within 5 months of my first injection (which I also hated, I am not a needle girl). I was crushed... My lifeline and the decision that had taken me years to come to, were gone! 

 One day, quite by accident, I stumbled upon "the all natural path to transition". A new, all natural approach to hormone manipulating treatments. I was skeptical at first and began researching the theory, the companies and the products that were out there. It really didn't take me long to decide to try. The price was right and my privacy was still mine! Over the years I have tried many different products and companies, some were a complete waste of time and money but then I came across some that actually worked, and still others that worked extremely well. Many are listed in this blog and I have tried to concentrate on the positive and cast light upon those that were the most beneficial, in hopes that my story helps others along the way.

 When I began following the all natural route, my life changed! I appreciated the gradual shift, the cost savings and the fact that I could remain completely anonymous (which is important to me). I quickly realized that with the help that my body needed, I could begin producing the estrogen that I knew I had inside but for some reason my physiology would not release. And, I could quickly and gradually slow the production of testosterone and eliminate the extra test which my body erroneously produces. I WAS FREE!

 I began finding the supplements that helped and eliminated those that did not. Within months I was completely comfortable for the first time in my life with my body, my mind and my spirit! I felt like the person I was born to be! My very thought patterns were more adjusted to the person I had become and spiritually my soul could fly in this world that I had always felt a prisoner. It was an awakening. I had arrived!

 I wish I had heard of products like Transformations Labs - Estrogen Booster & Testosterone Blocker years ago! I wish someone had told me about Transformations Labs 4 pack (which I now take daily)! I wish I knew then what I know now! This is the reason I began this blog. I was lost and I feel as though I am finally found and if my blog page helps just one person, JUST ONE; I will know that this internet journey was worth it! You see, I have no idea how to write a blog! I had no idea that I could help people through my experiences! I am not a computer person but feel so strongly about my path that I wanted to pass it onto others. This blog is my attempt to help others that are in the same confusion, depression and discomfort that I lived through.

 I am still learning every day about products, blogging & who I am. Come with me in this journey and please keep the emails and stories coming in. I am overwhelmed with the positive support I am receiving daily and the help others are gaining from my little blog site. Let me know your story, let me know your thoughts, I love all the news that comes in every morning when I check my inbox! Your privacy will always be 100% safe with me. If I decide to share your story or thoughts I will always reach out and ask your permission first. ALWAYS. Thank you for coming with me in the journey!


Transgender Transition. My search for the best Estrogen Boosting & Testosterone Blocking Supplements

Transgender Transition. My search for the best Estrogen Boosting & Testosterone Blocking Supplements

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