Transgender Products & Things I have found along the way.

Hive Roll on Depilatory Waxing Kit Wax Heater Strips Hair Removal Set

Transgender depilatory kit| The most effective for transgender hair removal| Transgender MTF

No-one likes to wax! But I insist on using only products from Hive. Incredibly effective and extremely good quality products. I always get professional results right at home.

Amoena Women's Essential Light Silicone Pad

MTF Breasts| prosthetic breasts| Best transgender breast| reliable trans-man boobs| best T blockers

I have used dozens of these over the years! Although pricey they are essential! I need a small boost since my breasts have grown naturally with my supplementation.  Amoena is realistic, natural to the touch, soft, light weight & comfortable. Don't waste your time & money on the cheap silicone crap out there! Amoena is the way to go!

Vitamin E

Most effective Transgender supplements| Best transgender MTF pills| Most effective transgender pills

Yup! Good old vitamin E is certainly one of my most useful tools in my bag of tricks. It helps keep my skin smooth and subtle and helps slow the aging process (of both skin and cells). I take vitamin E daily and use it topically also to help erase the years. 

"Big Bust & Butt" Butt & Bust Enhancement Capsule for MEN!

Effective Testosterone Blocker| Feminizer| Best Testosterone Blocker| Reliable MTF Estrogen Booster

I just found these recently and love the fact that they are formulated just for trans-men! I have to admit that I have purchased a few bottles since I found them!

Canadian Preparation H (with Biodyne) hides the smile lines better than anything!

Feminzier| transman| Great way to hide wrinkles| transgender estrogen booster| MTF Herbal Hormones

I know, I know, it sounds crazy but it really works! Preparation H with Biodyne is only found in Canada AND on eBay! Just a tiny bit around my forehead and eyes and those smile lines and crows feet just disappear like magic!

I just can't get myself to do it!

Best Estrogen Supplements for Transgender| Best Transgender Supplements|T Blockers| MTF Estrogen

I know I'm not alone when I say this but I just can't get myself to wear these without laughing out loud! We all have our own paths to follow and mine just does not include gaff pants! 

Things I have found along the way.

Transgender Pride Bracelet

How to look great in the transgender world| My favorite Over the counter Testosterone Blockers| MTF

Love, love, love these!

Transgender Pride Rainbow LGBT LGBTQ Flag Lapel Pins

Show off your transgender pride| Highly recommended transgender supplies & supplements| Best MTF

Show your pride!

Transgender Pride Flag 3' X 5'

Display your transgender pride| Where to buy the best Transgender supplies & supplements| MTF Pills

For less than $10.00 - an absolute necessity for rallies, parties, home and wall!

Transgender Pride Flag ~ In-Ear Earbud Headphones

where to got Over the counter Testosterone Blocker| How to buy estrogen without a perscription| MTF

When I saw these for under $10.00, I just knew I had to have them! 

Trans Hat.

How to get over the counter Testosterone Blocker| How to block testosterone naturally| MTF Pills

For under $15.00! What a great find for a sunny day!

Great patch for Book bags and Backpacks.

Best Estrogen Blocker| Best Testosterone Blocker| Where to buy Transgender Hormones & supplements

For $5.00, it's a great way to brush up on my sewing!